<note> the next few blog posts may be posted in a asynchronous (out of order) manner so I can catch up. </note>
Today we first went to toyota to get maitenence done (we recently drove our 100,000 mile), we were there for two hours. they replaced the engine's air filter, and notified us that the extra brake light was out (they were out of stock, so they didn't replace it). Our next was Venice Beach, where we hoped to find fossilized shark teeth. As soon as we arrived we heard loud thunder, so we retreated to the car and, by that time we we were hungry (we had spent some time in camp earlier) so we went to sharkey's (suggested by Susanne Flom) and had dinner (a salad for my mom, and macaroni and cheese for me (the only other things they had, including pasta had shrimp/lobster in them (did I mention I don't like seafood?) After eating, we were going to head to the car when a thunderstorm hit, so we decided to wait out the storm under a canopy near the restaurant. However, instead of stopping the storm increased in violence (see pictures),while waiting we decided to start work on this blog post. Over an hour later, the storm finnaly subsided, at which point we decided to hurry to the car before the storm resumed. We headed back to camp (we are now at Oscar Scherer state park) and just arrived.
Waiting out the storm (yes I did need umbrella even under the canopy)

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