On Monday we went to the national zoo, to see the orangutan research demonstration, where they had an orangutan tap 3 pictures on a touchscreen and if he did them in the right order he was given a grape(picture group 1). They then did the same thing again, but this time the pictures had dots with the first picture having the most dots and the last one having the least. The objective was to see if the pattern of greatest to least would be learnt more quickly than the abstract order of the photos. After the demonstration, we watched the Orangutans, but all they did was eat popcorn that was dispersed throught their enclosure (it was a nice enclosure, and they could choose between two of them every day.)

Yesterday we left the hotel (back to camping in our trailer) (picture group 2) we then went to the smithsonian building museum (picture group 3 top left, only one section allowed pictures(lego section)). We then went to Georgetown (picture group 3,others) and took a boat tour (picture groups 4,5), while it was, unfortunately raining but the boat thankfully had a roof. After the tour, we went back to the campsite (no more hotel) :(
Top left: the memory test; others: the Orangutans eating popcorn and resting.
Bottom right: the trailer; others: the hotel.
Top left: the building museum's lego exhibit; others: Georgetown.
Top left: the boat; top right: lightning caught with slow shutter cam iPhone app( that is why everything else is blurry);bottom left:the lincoln memorial;bottom right: the Washington monument.
Top: Lincoln memorial; bottom left: water painting taken with slow shutter cam; bottom right: the boat.

Miss Cathy
07/17/2012 9:20am

I am loving this Patrick!!!

Cathy Shaeffer
07/17/2012 9:22am

Wgat are you up to now??? I was hoping to read about you today??? Where the heck are you boy???

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