New Orleans


We finally left Florida and went to New Orleans and stayed in a hotel that had two floors for our rooms (my bed on top, my mom's bed and other rooms on bottom level! (see first picture group)). by then it was getting late so all we did was get food at a restaurant and went to bed. The next day we went to French Quarter where we first had breakfast (beans and rice), and went to Jackson Square (see picture group 2). we then had food at Cafe du Monde (cafe of the world, in french (according to my mom)) while there, we saw some pigeons eating (and throwing it everywhere) powdered sugar left by someone else (picture group 3). when we left we went to the zoo (it was free due to my mom being an Audobon member (it was an audobon zoo) (see remaining pictures and captions for details (click read more to load all pictures)
the pictures above aren't the only pictures from the zoo! click read more below to load all pictures. even doing this, there are too many photos to put in one post, so I will put the remaining photos in the following post.
a spider monkey hanging by an arm and a tail (top left); bottom right: turtles on a log
two sleeping jaguars
two sleeping jaguars

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