The day before yesterday we went to a hotel because it was 106 degrees fahrenheit, and raining so we could not operate the fan in our trailer. Yesterday we visited the ruins of Jamestown and a museum there (picture group 1)
Today we went to colonial Williamsburg (more details in caption of pictures, group 2)
Top left: the walls of the fort; top right,bottom left: an actual drawing slate from colonial Jamestown (used like paper);
Top: me playing two colonial games; bottom left: me searching for a clue in a revolutionary war spying activity; bottom right: a microscope and pictures of plants from a scientist (named wythe (I forgot his first name)
off topic: left: a random house we drove past that my mom made me take a picture of and put on blog(a modern house, not colonial or anything special); right the iphone showing us in the middle of the james river( we were riding the car ferry)

07/09/2012 8:11pm

Why have there been no comments lately? Please post a comment if you read this.
P.S. I read all comments and reply to questions and occasionally others, in the comments section of the same blog post, so check back soon to read my reply.

Susanne Flom
07/13/2012 10:51pm

Hey Patrick, I'm following your blog! It's very interesting. I'm still working on the house in Jonnie Way, which leaves me pretty exhausted most of the time, just no energy to compose emails and comments. Sorry! I'll try to be more proactive! Say hi to your mom! :-)

Nicki and Joe
07/15/2012 8:30pm

Hey Patrick! We haven't received any posting since July 9 - what's up? We loved the pics you took of and on the ferry on the James River. It reminded us of the little ferry that crosses the Columbia River. Jealous. Very jealous! Great Grandma and Grandpa have been following your trip (via me) and are sorry that you had to endure the unusual heat wave. Hope it's gone now. How's the Outer Banks? Send pictures please!
Later gator, Nicki and Joe

Patrick Leiser
07/16/2012 1:13pm

"Hey Patrick! We haven't received any posting since July 9 - what's up?"
Phone service was not good enough and we were busy,I am working on a post now :) 😃

07/19/2012 8:06am

Hey Happy Travelers!

Finally getting caught-up on your Blog! I love reading about your adventures, Anderson and Abigail are reading your posts too. So glad you were able to escape the heat for one night.

Something very strange happened in our area of the country this morning... it rained! I know you are most likely getting rain everyday, but so unusual for Newcastle this time of year. I hope it was enough rain to help the firefighters fighting the big fire in Placer County.

When you get back, come meet our new puppy!

Happy trails to you...happy tails to us ;)

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