Today we saw some historic sites and the prairie. First, we visited an old town and saw a restored mill (first picture group below) then we looked around some of the historic town (second group of pictures) after that, we went to the tallgrass prairie national preserve (third picture (of stamp) below). We then went to the konza prairie overlook (my mom's idea) and took some (rather booring) photos (final picture group, below). Then, finally we (k)camped at yet another KOA (they're everywhere!)
The mill (of Lindsborg, KS) Top right: the outside of the mill; Others: interior machinery.
Old kansas town (Lindsborg, KS) top: the great hall; bottom left: a train at the station; bottom center: outside the schoolhouse; Bottom right: inside the schoolhouse.
Cancelations from tallgrass prairie national preserve ( for national park book)
Top: a monument to the tallgrass prairie; bottom left, right: the prairie

Annie Walsh
06/15/2012 7:50pm

Hey Travelers ~

We are enjoying the pictures of your adventures in Kansas. It has always fascinated me to think and learn about how people lived in past times. Hope you are soaking it all in!

Anderson & Abigail have a horseback riding lesson tomorrow morning. That will probably be it for outdoor activities since it is going to be super hot on Saturday. Anderson is not too keen on the horseback riding, but I wanted him to try it.

Keep the updates and photos coming!

Yours truly,
Annie :)

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