Yesterday we went back to the zoo to see the orangutans live demonstration (of their intelligence). Unfortunately it was cancelled for that day (why today?!) so we saw another demonstration of mole rats (which are not actually moles or rats, and live underground in colonies), we also got photos of other animals(group 1). We went to the American Art Museum and saw a exhibit on the War of 1812(picture group 2). We then listened to a presentation about the art of video games(picture group 3)(not to be confused with the art in video games)

Today we went to the Supreme Court to hear the decision on health care. We were interviewed by 3 news stations (KCRA, Voice of America, and a radio station that didn't say their name). We then went to the Post office museum, followed by the Hirschhorn Art gallery(picture group 4,5)
In this room there are 3 windows that each only let in the light of the corresponding colored light.
Another walk through art exhibit.

Miss Cathy
07/17/2012 9:25am

Don't you hate that???

Patrick Leiser
07/20/2012 5:29am

"Don't you hate that???"- miss Cathy
Assuming you mean the lack of Orangutans, yes, please be more specific in the future. ;)

Miss Cathy
07/23/2012 2:42pm

Haha! I miss you Patrick! Yes I did mean the Orangutans!
Are you having fun??
Where are you now ?

Patrick Leiser
07/24/2012 5:49pm

Reply and answers to miss Cathy "Are you having fun??" yes. "Where are you now ?" In saint Augustine, I will (hopefully) post more details tomorrow. P.S. is my iPhone acting up or did you post the same comment six times! if so I can use my administrative powers to delete it ;)
(leaving one of course)

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