Yesterday we saw the Natural Bridge (picture group 1) and then we went by an old mill (picture group 2). We then drove through the Shenandoah National Park. We went to the Greenbelt Park campground near Washimgton which point it was too late to write the blog.

Today we went to Washington D.C. by subway and walked near the White House. Although I was melting from the heat we managed to get photos of the White House and the Washington Monument (picture group 3). After this we went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History (picture group 4-6) where we ate and then looked at exhibits on inventions of technology and other things. We had dinner at a restaurant and then returned to camp where we took pictures of the fireflies (group 7, taken with I phone app slow shutter cam).
Top left: clock made by Timekeepers Union (or something like that) who later became IBM; top right: an early shopping cart and cash register; bottom left: the original peace sign; bottom right: an early model of a ship (I forget the ship's name).
Left, center: early batteries; right: an early arc lamp.
Top left: an early motor; top right: an early electricity meter;bottom left: an early generator; bottom right: me looking at some early batteries and motors.
All: fireflies. Photo taken with iPhone app slow shutter cam (each photo lasted a few minutes)

06/22/2012 9:14pm

Good Evening Happy (hot) Travelers!

So glad you made it! I loved seeing all the pictures, wish I was there with you all. I really liked the slow shutter speed on the firefly photos. Can't wait to see more of the Smithsonian via your camera!

I over cooked the spaghetti noodles again...


06/22/2012 9:48pm

Hey Patrick,
Sounds like you r having quite the time! The Smithsonian sounds (and looks) great. Is there actually an exhibit titled "Technology and other Stuff";)? I am looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. Keep us posted!~Anderson

Patrick Leiser
06/23/2012 6:43am

Is there actually an exhibit titled "Technology and other Stuff";)? -Anderson No, there was no exhibit called technology and other stuff, the technology was called "lighting a revolution" (read more here ) and the other stuff was near the entrance, I don't think it had a name.

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