Last night there were people riding motorcycles around our campsite, keeping us awake. The next morning my mom went to tell the campsite host, not noticing a pair of barking poodles, when stepping near them she was bitten. After this we went to a local drugstore for neosporin. When we got to the car, the screen said brake failure, we searched for Toyota on the iPhone and saw that it was only four minutes away. We decided to try to drive there despite the brake failure, only to find the car wouldn't go out of park! We called Toyota and they said it was probably a blown fuse and instructed us to use the fuse removal tool (tweezers is what my mom called it)and install a spare fuse. We started to follow their instructions, only to find the fuse removal tool was missing. We called AAA and waited for an hour for them to tow us. When they arrived, they told us that they couldn't tow the trailer. We the decided to stay with the trailer (so it wouldn't get stolen) when, to our surprise the wrecker (they call tow trucks wreckers around here) driver got the car into drive. Once he did that, he told us to drive it to the Toyota dealer ourselves, but to make sure not to shift it to park. Toyota fixed the fuse and told us that the spare connector touched the trailer hitch and shorted out, blowing the fuse (we had a connector for trailer lights before we bought the trailer so we had a connector installed, we later got the proper connector installed on the car so it could charge the trailer's battery (for the fan,interior lights, etc.),the old connector was left dangling)we then went to the Charleston museum of west virginian history(picture groups 1-3). After this we drove along the Kanawha River, We then passed a house that one of our ancestors built. We continued towards Virginia. We turned around and drove backwards to a bridge (my mom's idea), however we did get some good pictures(group 4). After turning around we continued driving and finally arrived at KOA (at 10:50). We are now in the Shenandoah valley.
Phone related things at the museum
Just outside the museum

06/20/2012 9:26am

Wow. Your vacation is much more exciting then mine! I am hanging out at my house, and your dealing with biker gangs! Anywho, glad that you guys r back on the road and continuing your journey. Good luck out there~Anderson

Jane Bernzweig
06/20/2012 9:50am

Wow Patrick and Rebekah! What a trip. You are doing it. The pics and the stories are fantastic. I wish I was there with you. Jane

06/20/2012 11:17am

Well, well, well...never a dull moment!! Dear Rebekah, how severe is your dog bite? I hope you are O.K.

I realize the problem w/ the car was a huge hassle but at least it wasn't something that cost a lot of to money fix! (phew!)

Patrick, what a great report on the day, you explained the problem w/ the car so well! (I think I understand it) :) The pictures are great too, the bridge, the mountains...I can see why your mom wanted to turn around and get a good view of the bridge, the design is beautiful.

Hoping to get a detailed report on the Shenandoah Valley and any other adventures that happen along the way.

Take Care, we're thinking of you all everyday!

06/20/2012 12:12pm

hi patrick, this the first time i just learned that you had a blog and i plan to follow it i hope your moms dog bite gets better. enjoy your summer and you will hear from me later :)

Patrick Leiser
06/22/2012 9:14am

"Dear Rebekah, how severe is your dog bite? ... The pictures are great too, the bridge, the mountains...I can see why your mom wanted to turn around and get a good view of the bridge, the design is beautiful".- Annie

The dog bit was not very bad, mostly superficial she says. Not every detour she decides on is as good, the day after this post she decided to go through a 100 mile long national park (Shenandoah national park, 106 miles to be exact) where the speed limit was 40 MPH (and the cars ahead of us often went slower), to get a stamp for our national park passport book and we arrived there one minute before it closed. We wasted 2 hours there. - Patrick

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