We left Jefferson city in the morning and headed for another KOA in st louis. On the way, we saw the gateway arch( first photo group below) and I wanted to go there. After setting up camp, we decided to go to the arch. When we arrived, we immediately bought tickets for a ride up the arch, unfortunately the next ride was in two hours so we had to wait a while. As we waited, we looked around the lewis and clark museum (photos below, group 2).when it was finally our turn(and after long line (it felt like line took 30 minutes)), we rode up to the top of the arch (picture group 3) (the ride up took 3.5 minutes according to a sign near entrance)we reached the top. The view was amazing. Highlights-a live baseball game (photo group 4),seeing the car (group 5), top of the world! (group 6), buildings and gardens (group 7). -Eventually we left and went to our (k)campsite, taking a few photos of the arch on our way (group 8).
1. Views of the arch from the car
2. The museum (mostly about Lewis and Clark )
3. The ride up the arch.
4. The baseball game
5. Our car, from the arch.
6. Top: top of the world!; Bottom left: entrance to the elevator to the top of the arch; bottom right: base of the arch (North side).
7. Buildings and gardens
8. The arch exterior
Note: the grouping of photos I have been doing the past few days was done using the iPhone app pic stich, It is a good app. to get it click here

06/17/2012 4:18pm

Hey Patrick! Sounds like you r having a grand adventure across the country! I am having a wild time myself, which mainly consists of sitting on the couch (or wishing I was sitting on the couch ;). Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip :).~Anderson

Annie Walsh
06/17/2012 6:45pm

Hi Patrick ~

How did you like the Lewis & Clark Museum? Several years ago Tony, Anderson, Abigail and I traveled part of the trail that the Corp of Discovery traveled. We followed the Columbia river from the confluence with the Snake river all the way to Fort Klatsop. That was a great trip! I hope on your return you can share with us things you learned while at the museum.

Was it exciting (or scary) to go up into the arch? From the pictures it sure looks like you had a bird's eye view!

Anderson mentioned in his comment about "wishing I was sitting on the couch". I believe he was talking about the hour he spent on horseback which he did not enjoy. Abigail did like the horseback riding lesson and will be going to Horse Camp next week. (I hope it isn't too hot!) Today, at 3:00 it was 101.

I wonder where you all will go after St. Louis?? Can't wait to read the next update!

Wishing you safe & happy trails ~

Patrick Leiser
06/17/2012 8:17pm

[QUOTE] Was it exciting (or scary) to go up into the arch? [/QUOTE]
Both! The ride up was mostly scary but once I made it to the top it was exciting (and fun).

Patrick Leiser
06/17/2012 8:22pm

I am having a fun adventure too, which manly consists of sitting in the car seat and wishing I was not sitting in the car seat. ~Patrick

Andrew Huff
06/19/2012 12:08pm

Wow! I didn't know the Arch was so MASSIVE! Well, technically, everything's massive... anyway, I wish I could go there! Do you know how high the Arch is? I have to attend to separate matters, so I shall get back to reading this blog! ~Andrew H.

Patrick Leiser
06/23/2012 6:51am

"Wow! I didn't know the Arch was so MASSIVE! Well, technically, everything's massive"-Andrew
Technically everything is massive, but the arch is more massive than most things :) ~patrick

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