after the previous blog post, we drove to marathon key and found the snorkeling company (not from the state parks, like the others) we signed up, and, while waiting watched a parrot,(picture group 1) when he said "hello", I tried to get him to say hello Patrick, and finally, just before we got on the boat, he said "Hello Patrick". When we left I got to sit on a net on the front of the boat (I would have taken photos but we were too worried the Iphone would get splashed), where I got soaked even though we hadn't started snorkeling.  When we did start snorkeling we brought the same underwater camera as last time, unfortunately after we used all the film and were headed back to the boat for more, we noticed that the inside its clear plastic case (for waterproofing) was purple water (showing that not only had water got in through the "waterproof" case but it had also damaged the film. Thankfully they sold disposable waterproof cameras on the boat (although we never saw some of the fish we took photos of originally again. However we did get some good photos (see poicture groups 2-3 for a few of the highlights) and when we ran out of film (and my snorkeling suit was rubbing me painfullly) we went onto the boat, where I immediately got seasick (there were large waves). A half hour of being seasick later it was time to go back and as soon as we started moving thankfully I recovered from my seasickness. 

The next day we decided to go to Key West (it was raining and according to my mom the waves were too big for snorkeling). After driving for 45 minutes we arrived at Key West (the farthest of the Keys).  We were hungry so we decided to go to a restaurant.  Unfortunately the nearest parking spot was .7 miles away, so we had to walk in the rain all the way there. After eating we went to the southernmost point of the United States. Because there was a long line and my mom was feeling sick, we had to settle for taking a photo of me with the back of the sign (see picture group 4)(although I managed to take a photo of just the sign between people). Unfortunately my mom decided that this would be our last day in the Keys (because of bad weather for snorkeling, etc. :(   ). The next day we left the Keys and headed north towards the Everglades.

note: I will post the next part (until today) separately to enable smoother loading of the images (if, despite my efforts an image fails to load, right click on it, click load image in new tab (or window) and refresh from there (instructions may vary by browser))
the parrot we saw while waiting for the boat

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