Last night, just after posting on this blog we went swimming. After swimming in the pond, we saw one of my mom's shoes was missing. First we searched the bottom of the pond, when that failed I asked my mom to put the other one in the water to see what to look for and how far we could see (it was very murky water) when doing so we saw it floats! We then searched on the surface, after a few minutes we found it (on the other side of the pond (first group of photos, below) most of the rest of the day was pretty uneventful, we left the KOA (second group of pictures),and visited another historic town (third group of pictures). At the end of the day we were heading to the campsite (not a KOA) the gps said 9 minutes to our destination on mari osa delta st when- wait a minute, this route stops on bald hill road- not mari osa delta, we checked the iPhone (fourth group of pictures), same result. We called the campground and they gave us directions. The next problem came when my mom took interstate 50 west instead of 50 east. After heading back she took the wrong exit. After calling for directions again she took the wrong path and went in a circle eventually, after calling the campground two more times we found our destination (wasting over an hour total).
The runaway shoe hiding (top photo) and exposed (bottom photo)
The KOA from last night
A historic town
Top left: iPhone guiding us the wrong way; Top right: GPS guiding us the wrong way; Bottom: the signs were not much help.

Annie Walsh
06/15/2012 10:59pm

Good Evening!

Another exciting day! Glad you found the wayward shoe and the elusive camp ground!

Rest well dear friends,
Annie :)

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