More Snorkeling


After Posting the last blog post, we arrived at Bahia Honda State Park. After setting up camp, we went snorkeling at the beach (we didn't see very many fish) At one point I noticed that we were suddenly moving to one side, and realized we were in a strong current. I told my mom and we quickly escaped the current. After snorkeling we went on a nature hike, where we saw tropical plants, and a few butterflies. Yesterday we went on another snorkeling tour to another reef. This time we got an underwater camera (film using unfortunately, so I can't post the photos until the film develops :( (and even then it will be photos of photos)) after the tour, we snorkeled at a beach near camp. Later that day, we went on a hike, where we saw a deer, some birds, and the sunset (see picture groups 4,5 ) Today we are going to go snorkeling on another island (called Marathon Key
A manatee! We saw this one near our tour boat.
Top half: the sunset panoramic from our hike; bottom half: a panoramic photo of our trailer (not the best, but shows the general shape) go to to see 360 degree panoramic photos.

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