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The day started off badly. I spent an hour on yesterday's blog but when we went to a cafe with wifi (so it would post faster) the (weebly iPhone) app closed and I had to start over from the beginning which took another hour. When we finally got started, we took the metro to the Smithsonian museum of natural history, where we spent the day. While there we saw fossils of ancient sea life(picture group 1), dinosaurs,and mammals(also group 1), as well as modern insects(picture group 3). Later, while we were eating, there was a thunderstorm and I got slightly ensoggied (wet) on the way to the car. When we got back to camp it was still raining so we retreated into the trailer.
Top left: a modern elephant; top right: a huge, extinct sloth; bottom left: a four horned creature (related to an antelope (if I remember correctly));bottom right: an extinct fish.
Top: a t-rex; bottom: a triceratops.
View from the national mall ("behold the mational mall" my mom said(she accidentally said mational instead of national))

06/24/2012 6:59am

Hi Patrick ~

Sorry for your troubles but we certainly appreciate your persistence! If Abigail ever gets to visit the Smithsonian (and I hope she does) the natural history exhibits will be her favorites!! After your thorough perusing of the Smithsonian exhibits, I would like to know which exhibits you liked the best... Love the pictures you posted from your day, especially the t-rex & triceratops skeletons.

The afternoon thunder storm is very common where we visit in Tennessee too. Hope it didn't keep you confined to the trailer for too long! Did it affect the nightly appearance of the lightning bugs?

Wondering what amazing sites you will visit and see today??


Patrick Leiser
06/24/2012 10:54am

"After your thorough perusing of the Smithsonian exhibits, I would like to know which exhibits you liked the best..."-Annie

So far my favorite thing was the natural history museum's exhibit called "life in the ancient seas",it was cool to see how all the life evolved into strange forms (long cone shell with many tentacles,head sized trilobites,etc.). The Air and Space museum was cool too.~Patrick

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