After leaving Ocracoke Island we rode a ferry (picture group 1)for 2.25 hours (according to the brochure(I don't know if it meant 2 hours 25 minutes or 2 and a quarter hours (2 hours 15 minutes))), despite the long ride I enjoyed the ferry ride enough that I would ride it again for fun, it was like a huge airplane that you could go in your car, sit in soft, airplane-like seats, or even stand on the deck outside, on the second floor!

After the ferry ride (I was sad that it ended) we drove to a KOA near charleston, where it was just getting dark, so we just cooked noodles (instead of going to a resturant).

The next day, we went to the magnolia plantation where we saw a peacock (picture group 2), took a tour of the plantation (picture group 3, pictures of things seen on tour, forgot to take photos some of the time), solved a maze (group 4), explored and crossed a bridge (group 5),saw some animals at a small zoo area (groups 6,8) where I was licked by a deer (it licked me just like a dog (a dog that loves licking people!)) (group 7). We then left the plantation.
Note: in order to make the blog load more smoothly I have separated the past few days into 2 posts and will start working on the other one as soon as this one publishes.
the ferry ride
a peacock
photos taken during the tour
the maze
the bridge
Licked by a deer!
top left: a deer; others: ducklings

07/23/2012 12:59pm

So glad to see some updates...I was worried you all had been abducted by aliens! Thankfully, just deer licked!

I'm off to take Anderson to the Dr. He is still having ear pain even after he as completed a course of antibiotics.

Take Care,

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