Left:me with the trailer Right:my mom with welcome to Kansas sign (she's never been to kansas before, so was excited)
Today we reached Kansas and went to the prairie museum in Colby (pictures below) and saw a restored neighborhood of the pioneers.we are camping (kamping ;)  ) at another KOA in Salina, Kansas
The prairie museum top: Me (left) and my mom (right) in a painting bottom left: a barn ( from pioneers) Bottom right: me ringing a bell in front of a school house

06/14/2012 8:18am

You'll have to pronounce 'kamping in Kansas' for me, when you get back ! :-)
Keep posting! It's great to follow you!
Susanne Flom

cathy shaeffer
06/14/2012 12:15pm

I LOVE IT!!! I'm so excited you sent me the weebly site! It looks like a blast! Are you having fun Patrick???

Be safe...can't wait to follow your trip! I have a son and brother near Kansas!!

Love you two!

Annie Walsh
06/15/2012 5:24pm

Hello Again!

So excited that you made it to Kansas! The Prairie Museum looks really interesting, I love stuff like that and take Anderson & Abigail to museums every chance we get. We may do the Heritage Trail Placer County Museums Tour in August if we are still in town. Last night we enjoyed the Art Walk in Auburn.

Anderson & Abigail finished Vacation Bible School today. Performance this evening. I think they had a good week and they are both pretty tired from all the activities.

Wondering if you all have found any relatives or grave sites of ancestors during your trek through Kansas?

Looking forward to your next installment...
Take Care Road Warriors!
Annie :)

Patrick Leiser
06/16/2012 6:37am

We found the soldier township in kansas where our ancestors lived even though it was not on the map or GPS. We didn't find anyone specific unfortunately.

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