Yesterday we went past the great Colorado wildfire (you may of heard about it in the news) although we did not go to the actively burning part, the smoke was horrible for an hour or two. When we escaped the smoke, we camped (kamped as they say there (and at all other KOAs)) at a KOA in stratsburg Colorado. later today we will arrive in Kansas(hopefully).

Annie Walsh
06/14/2012 7:21am

Hello Again Road Warriors!

You two are making really great progress across the country. How is this "kamping" with a "k" going? Sorry you missed dinner the other night due to the late swim. I have been hearing lots about the Colorado fire on the news, it is truly devastating. Glad you are out of the smoke and probably into Kansas by now. Kamping in Kansas and looking for long lost relatives??? Good Luck! Keep the updates coming, everyone at the Walsh house is tracking your trip!

Anderson is doing a really great job as an aide at Vacation Bible School. Today he will see Kendrick and Stryker in the afternoon. We may even get to the splash pad in Rocklin after VBS. Picnic and water fun! (Wish you were here!)

Managing my trip envy ;)

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