A few days ago we left Miami and set out for Key Largo (the first of the Florida keys) after 10 minutes, we encountered a blue causeway (technically only the safety barrier was blue, picture group 1) which connects the mainland to the islands known as the keys.

Later, after arriving at (key) largo, we went to John Pennekamp State Park, where we camped and swam/snorkeled at the beach. The water was warm enough that it was hard to find cold spots to stay cool. It was also salty enough to be an effective means of torture (it got into your mouth even when it was closed (thankfully I had just gotten new, very leakproof goggles). Finally there were fish (plural ;) ), especially around the early eighteenth century (1715 to be exact) shipwreck. The first fish I saw was deep under water, far away from the shipwreck, but when no other fish appeared we explored and found the shipwreck, which had many fish.

The next day we went on a glass bottom boat (aptly named because of a small part of the hull of the boat that is clear glass that you can look at fish (and other sea life) through, picture group 1,3) we saw a turtle, a school of sergeant majors (fish with vertical yellow and black stripes (according to the tour guide they will sometimes nibble on you)), coral of different shapes and colors (some types change colors when eating (brown when hungry or eating, purple when full)) and many other types of fish.

The next day (yesterday) we took a snorkeling tour where we saw many types of fish including sergeant majors, a big black fish, a black fish with shine blue spots in its head and back, bright yellow fish with black tails, a large school (hundreds of them) of tiny silver fish, a school of blue fish lots of corral, and an underwater statue (unfortunately we didn't have an underwater camera (we will try to get a disposable underwater camera before snorkeling again))

Today we left camp and are driving to Bahia Honda state park (on Big Pine key) (I think we are almost there).
Top left: the blue safety barrier on the way to key largo; top right: a white ibis at the cafe eating area (waiting for someone to feed it); bottom: the glass bottom boat (named the spirit of Pennekamp)
Four photos of the water, I love the fluidness.
Top: the ocean seen through the glass bottom boat; bottom: the full moon by the ocean.
Right: he captain driving the snorkeling boat (the boat was much smaller than the glass bottom one)
Crossing from one key to another
Still crossing from one key to another (notice the plants growing on the old bridge)

Erica Moore
08/03/2012 9:16am

Hi Patrick,
I really enjoyed catching up on your blog this morning! What great pictures and descriptions!
We had a good trip to the California coast last week. Whale watching out of Moss Landing was outstanding. We saw Hump backs, Blues, and even two endangered Leather Back Sea Turtles.
Tell your mom that Sam is recovering rapidly fronm his bike accident. : )
More importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

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