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Continuing from our previous day, (which has yet to be posted :( ) we arrived at our next campground near the Myakka river, and consequently named Myakka River State Park. After setting up camp (which only consists of parking the trailer (and is therefore very easy)), we went on the canopy walk because my mom said the walk was above the trees (I imagined it as, if she was correct, a raised boardwalk (we had been on a lot of boardwalks lately)) after walking a while, almost coming in a full circle, and dodging two giant puddles (see picture group 1) we started to doubt there was anything (walkable) above the trees (I was skeptical from the start). We finnaly saw a tower with a hanging bridge (going to another bridge), this tower was not above the trees, but at the same height as them however when we crossed the bridge (picture group 2), we saw that the other tower was taller. We then decided to climb to the top (getting my mom up took some convincing). When we arrived at the top the view from 76.1 ft (according to the plaque) was amazing (see remaining pictures (except last one)), you could see for miles! (literally, a sign pointed out certain sights (such as an osprey nest) three miles away) eventually we had to leave (although we went back several times (on subsequent visits my mom refused to climb up). Later, we cooked dinner and went in the trailer to wait for it to cool. When we went out to eat it we saw that a raccoon had tipped it over and was eating it, we then chased the raccoon away, and my mom cooked more food. In the morning we saw that the food that had spilled was completely gone (we must have made a raccoon very happy).

The next day we went to the resturant, in the parking lot we saw many vultures and a sign warning about them ("warning vultures may cause damage to vehicles"), after eating, we saw that our car was unharmed. For the rest of the day we didn't do much except look for wildlife.

The next day we left on our way to Oscar Sherer State Park

08/11/2012 9:12pm

Hey Patrick,
I hope that raccoon didn't consume to much of your food supply! And raccoons can be relatively nasty little guys. I am shocked you didn't receive a rebellion. I remember hearing stories of my dad and his friends going camping. There was a time when they were driven onto the top of their car to escape the tyranny of a rather rambunctious group of raccoons! And the pictures of the canopy are amazing! Was it at all intimidating to be walking near the top of the trees? I hope you have better luck with the wildlife in the future ;)~Anderson


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