We left the KOA in st Louis and drove along the Mississippi river stopped at a town to see the houses (my mom's idea (of course)). We then drove across Illinois to Kentucky. Then we arrived at another, (you gussed it)KOA (c)kampground.
Top left: summary of the day; Top center: more plains; Bottom left: big trees; Bottom center: a small town on our way. Right: the mississippi river

06/18/2012 6:35am

Hi Patrick & Rebecca~

Wow, you've made it to the Bluegrass state! More camping w/ a "K"! How is the trailer? Hope you two are resting well at night. I will give you all a call today.

Take Care out there...

06/18/2012 8:24pm

Hey Patrick,
Did you get out of the car much on this part of your adventure? In all honesty,I'm just wondering if you had any adventures in Kentucky besides looking out at the Mississippi. Hope your having a sensational time~Anderson

Nicki and Joe
06/18/2012 9:50pm

Hi Patrick - Hi Rebekah! It's so nice to be able to follow along with you on your trip. Give us more detail Patrick. We are really enjoying this! (I'm glad you found your Mom's other shoe!) We forewarded your blog to Nate, Jen, and the girls. Joe and Nicki

06/19/2012 10:45am

Whoops!! I am such a goof, please forgive me Rebekah for misspelling your name! (I know you're a Rebekah w/ a "K") hmm...perhaps this explains all the camping with a "K" ;) Good to talk w/ you last night. Now I have a craving for s'mores!

Enjoy the sights!
Your California bound friend,

Andrew Huff
06/19/2012 11:57am

Hi Patrick! It seems like that day wasn't very exciting! :) I hope you had more fun at the Gateway Arch! I'll read your blog now! ~Andrew H.

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