On Thursday we left Washington :( and headed to Chippokes state park (in Virginia) as it was getting dark and we were almost there, the iPhone guided us the wrong way, to an RV at the end of a road. We turned around, and saw the correct path, and followed signs there.

Yesterday swam at our campground's swimming pool

Today we went to Jamestown. On our way we took a ferry across the James river (pictures 1,2) and saw a native American village (picture group 3), a recreation of Jamestown, and recreated ships used to go to Jamestown(group 4). Finally we first saw and then helped with firing a cannon (when we helped, they used sand instead of gunpowder ;) )(picture group 5)

07/19/2012 7:57am

Hi Patrick!

That looks and sounds like a great couple of days! I enjoy the pictures but I also like the way you present them. Seeing replicas of the old ships and a replica of an old sea captain, firing a canon w/ sand and dressing in age old warrior gear looks like time well spent!! The settlers @ Jamestown really suffered. I bet after visiting the settlement you can truly appreciate what they went through.

Moving on to more posts, I got a bit behind your story as we were dealing with several sick animals at our house. Everyone is doing much better now!

Hope you two have been staying safe out there on the road!


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