After leaving the magnolia rice plantation we went to Charlston and took a trolley to downtown and walked by the river where there were two fountains (picture group 1) we then had dinner on the roof of a resturant (picture group 2).
The next day we went to Charelston again. After eating breakfast (french toast, at a place called toast) we walked around town and saw the oldest remaining house in Charelston (called the pink house, also in picture group 2)later that day we drove to another KOA near Savnnah, GA, where we spent the night.

The next day we went to Skidaway state park, where we went on a nature hike (picture groups 3,4) then went into Savannah, where we went to a train museum (picture group 5) we then walked around town and ate dinner (spaghetti)

The next day (today) we left the KOA and started driving to Florida 3 hours later we are almost there, and I am writing this blog post.
Top left: a bird from last blog post; top right,bottom left: the fountains; bottom right: rainbow houses (photo was my mom's idea (of course))
Top left: the rooftop dinner; top right: waiting for a trolley; bottom: "the pink house", the oldest house in charleston.
The nature walk near Savannah
Climbing a fallen tree during the hike.
The train museum: top left: me and my mom on a handcar (we then got to ride it, it goes surprisingly fast!; top right: one of the trains; bottom: the inside of an old train (with ("old train" (as my mom called it))camera effects applied)
Photos my mom made me include, on right she likes the balcony

07/23/2012 7:58pm

Hi Patrick ~

I really am enjoying your blog and all the pictures. What an amazing couple of days! Watch out for the gators!


Miss Cathy
07/24/2012 8:33am

That is so beautiful Patrick! It looks like you and your cute mom are having a blast !!!
I love reading about your adventures !!!

07/25/2012 6:17am

Hi Patrick ~

Are you two still in Florida?

Just wondering...

Patrick Leiser
07/25/2012 9:28am

"Hi Patrick ~ Are you two still in Florida? Just wondering... Annie" yes, we are still in Florida, and (according to my mom) we will be for another two or three weeks, although I am not sure I want to stay that long ;) ~Patrick

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