Yesterday we left Titusville and drove to Miami, on the way we encountered traffic and almost ran out of gas, once we found a gas station we couldn't find our way back to the freeway, wasting 45 minutes driving in circles. We had to pay for two toll roads, one in the wrong direction. We eventually found a nice hotel with a pool, which I swam in.

Today we are going to drive to key largo, where we will hopefully camp at John pennekamp corral reef state park.
Photos of the NASA VAB (vehicle assembly building, see previous post for more information), edited with fx photo studio (for iPhone), original in bottom right.
When we arrived at Titusville we went to a campground (manatee hammock county park.) After disconnecting the trailer, my mom insisted that we go to a hike called the enchanted forest, when we arrived, we found out that it closed in two minutes and therefore we had to leave. We then went to a restaurant where I didn't eat much (spaghetti alfredo, which I would usually love) because my mom ate a lobster which grossed me out (I hate seafood) :( . After eating (a little) we looked out the window and saw many turtles, swimming around and being turtles in a pond. After dinner, we went to a pier near camp, where we saw NASA's VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building)

The next day we went to the Kennedy Space Center and I decided to ride a shuttle simulator (picture group 1, it was fun, I highly recommend it) my mom was afraid to go on it, do watched a video of me riding it(enabling her to take photos (without worrying about the camera (IPhone) falling on people behind us (when pointing up))) after the ride, my mother felt sick, so we left and went to the doctor, where they determined she had a bladder infection, and gave her the appropriate medicine. Because she was sick we went to a hotel (best western), where I swam in the pool.

The next day we stayed in the hotel because my mom was still sick.

Yesterday, we went to the space center again, first we went on the shuttle again (I convinced my mom to ride this time, she loved it!), followed by the exploration space room. We saw a movie about the Hubble Space Telescope. We then took a tour bus past many things, such as the VAB (mentioned above), it stopped at an observation tower, where we saw an engine, two launch pads, back on the bus, we saw VAB (up close this time, picture group 4) We saw a portable launch pad (it moves at a blistering 1/2 mph and gets 22 feet per gallon of fuel!) we then got to another stop, where saw the real mission control for the apollo moon missions where there was a great video about the moon landings and space race(picture group 5) then we saw the Saturn 5 rocket. After this we took the bus back and watched another movie, this one about the ISS (International Space Station) followed by a room about robots.

Today we went to the astronaut hall of fame, which was not very entertaining (it didn't help that the simulators, including one that submits you to four times earth's gravity (by spinning you) were broken) :( .
Left, top right: me in the shuttle simulator (photo taken by my mom of a tv screen showing the simulator); bottom right: our campground
Top left: me wearing 3D glasses from the movie; top right: a humanoid robot talking about NASA; bottom: an engine from the Apollo missions.
Top left: the VAB from the viewing tower; top right, bottom left: the two launch towers (39A & 39B); bottom right: a model of the shuttle before launch.
The VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building), which has the largest volume of any building in the world.
Top mission control of the apollo missions (not a replica, the real thing); bottom: another photo of the space shuttle simulator.
The Saturn V (Apollo) rocket
Top left: the Saturn V rocket; top right: one of the apollo lunar modules; bottom left the VAB with smoke behind it (probably from controlled burning (not from a space ship taking off, unfortunately); bottom right: a photo of me overlaid with an astronaut's spacesuit in space.
After leaving Savannah we drove to Anastasia state park, st Augustine, Fl where we camped for the night(campground seen in bottom left picture).
The next day we swam in the ocean( the beach convieniently located in the state park) next, we drove into st Augustine and found a parking lot (where my mom paid a man two dollars for telling us that (after 5 o'clock) we didn't have to pay $6 for parking. We found a resturant (after 20 minutes of searching for an open resturant) where I ate macaroni and cheese and my mom ate shrimp :P (I hate seafood). After eating, we returned to camp.

Yesterday we went to the beach and played in the waves (it was high tide) but eventually we had to leave because the waves got too big. After resting at the campground, I wanted to go to the beach but my mom said we couldn't because she thought the lifeguard would have left (it was almost 5) when I insisted that we check to make sure, se said "no beach in the world would have a lifeguard after 5 o'clock", I finally convinced her to ask a ranger, and when she did we found out it was open til six (of a sample size of one 100% of all beaches have lifeguards after 5(not quite none))! On the way to the beach, we saw two tortoises fighting (they were quite slow and awkward fighters, seen on top right image). After swimming we went to town where we saw the same man at the parking lot, circling on his bike waiting to inform someone that they didn't need to pay (and hoping they'll pay him). We found another restaurant (which was closed yesterday), and I ate spaghetti, we then went back to camp.

Today we went to the beach again, then left our campsite to drive to Titusville, Fl

We are almost there now.
Top left: a bridge we saw on our way to st Augustine; top right: two tortoises fighting (slowly and awkwardly); bottom left: our campground; bottom right: the lighthouse near saint augustine.
After leaving the magnolia rice plantation we went to Charlston and took a trolley to downtown and walked by the river where there were two fountains (picture group 1) we then had dinner on the roof of a resturant (picture group 2).
The next day we went to Charelston again. After eating breakfast (french toast, at a place called toast) we walked around town and saw the oldest remaining house in Charelston (called the pink house, also in picture group 2)later that day we drove to another KOA near Savnnah, GA, where we spent the night.

The next day we went to Skidaway state park, where we went on a nature hike (picture groups 3,4) then went into Savannah, where we went to a train museum (picture group 5) we then walked around town and ate dinner (spaghetti)

The next day (today) we left the KOA and started driving to Florida 3 hours later we are almost there, and I am writing this blog post.
Top left: a bird from last blog post; top right,bottom left: the fountains; bottom right: rainbow houses (photo was my mom's idea (of course))
Top left: the rooftop dinner; top right: waiting for a trolley; bottom: "the pink house", the oldest house in charleston.
The nature walk near Savannah
Climbing a fallen tree during the hike.
The train museum: top left: me and my mom on a handcar (we then got to ride it, it goes surprisingly fast!; top right: one of the trains; bottom: the inside of an old train (with ("old train" (as my mom called it))camera effects applied)
Photos my mom made me include, on right she likes the balcony
After leaving Ocracoke Island we rode a ferry (picture group 1)for 2.25 hours (according to the brochure(I don't know if it meant 2 hours 25 minutes or 2 and a quarter hours (2 hours 15 minutes))), despite the long ride I enjoyed the ferry ride enough that I would ride it again for fun, it was like a huge airplane that you could go in your car, sit in soft, airplane-like seats, or even stand on the deck outside, on the second floor!

After the ferry ride (I was sad that it ended) we drove to a KOA near charleston, where it was just getting dark, so we just cooked noodles (instead of going to a resturant).

The next day, we went to the magnolia plantation where we saw a peacock (picture group 2), took a tour of the plantation (picture group 3, pictures of things seen on tour, forgot to take photos some of the time), solved a maze (group 4), explored and crossed a bridge (group 5),saw some animals at a small zoo area (groups 6,8) where I was licked by a deer (it licked me just like a dog (a dog that loves licking people!)) (group 7). We then left the plantation.
Note: in order to make the blog load more smoothly I have separated the past few days into 2 posts and will start working on the other one as soon as this one publishes.
the ferry ride
a peacock
photos taken during the tour
the maze
the bridge
Licked by a deer!
top left: a deer; others: ducklings
After the previous blog post (the same day) my mother insisted we go to see the "phosphorescence or phosphorus" (as my mom calls it (sometimes says phosphorescence and other times phosphorus, which is actually an very dangerous element, look up white or red phosphorus to see more detail), even though I insist it is properly called bioluminescence (more simply bio- living -luminecence- emmitting light)).

Yesterday we took the ferry to ocracoke island (picture group 1) and,after finding a campground, went to the beach(picture groups 2,3)

Today we are going to take a ferry to cedar island (actually not an island, but part of the mainland)
The ferry to Ocracoke island.
Top: looking for bioluminescence/phosphorus; bottom left: the campground; bottom right: the ferry leaving cape hatteras.
Left: the Ocracoke lighthouse; right: me setting up a game from colonial jamestown at our campground.
Our next ferry arriving (just before posting)
A few days ago (we lost track of the dates(and weebly disagrees with us(on the date of the last post))) we left Chippokes plantation (our old campground in first picture below) and drove to the outer banks (N.C.), where we swam in the ocean, followed by camping. The next morning,I woke up with a fever, so we rented a (small, one room) camping cabin, and didin't do much that day, besides going to the wright brothers museum(picture 2). Today, we found a campsite by the ocean, and swam in the ocean, by the cape hatteras lighthouse (picture 3).
The day before yesterday we went to a hotel because it was 106 degrees fahrenheit, and raining so we could not operate the fan in our trailer. Yesterday we visited the ruins of Jamestown and a museum there (picture group 1)
Today we went to colonial Williamsburg (more details in caption of pictures, group 2)
Top left: the walls of the fort; top right,bottom left: an actual drawing slate from colonial Jamestown (used like paper);
Top: me playing two colonial games; bottom left: me searching for a clue in a revolutionary war spying activity; bottom right: a microscope and pictures of plants from a scientist (named wythe (I forgot his first name)
off topic: left: a random house we drove past that my mom made me take a picture of and put on blog(a modern house, not colonial or anything special); right the iphone showing us in the middle of the james river( we were riding the car ferry)
On Thursday we left Washington :( and headed to Chippokes state park (in Virginia) as it was getting dark and we were almost there, the iPhone guided us the wrong way, to an RV at the end of a road. We turned around, and saw the correct path, and followed signs there.

Yesterday swam at our campground's swimming pool

Today we went to Jamestown. On our way we took a ferry across the James river (pictures 1,2) and saw a native American village (picture group 3), a recreation of Jamestown, and recreated ships used to go to Jamestown(group 4). Finally we first saw and then helped with firing a cannon (when we helped, they used sand instead of gunpowder ;) )(picture group 5)

4th of July


On Wednesday (also the 4th)we first went to the folk festival on the national mall(picture group 1.) we then went to the koshland science museum, where we saw exhibits about global warming and aging (which had a fun driving simulator simulating various ages,picture group 2.) at 9:09 we saw the fourth of July fireworks near the Washington monument (we had to get there 2 hours early)(picture group 3)
Note: I am doing the next few days separate and am working on them now.


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