After leaving Savannah we drove to Anastasia state park, st Augustine, Fl where we camped for the night(campground seen in bottom left picture).
The next day we swam in the ocean( the beach convieniently located in the state park) next, we drove into st Augustine and found a parking lot (where my mom paid a man two dollars for telling us that (after 5 o'clock) we didn't have to pay $6 for parking. We found a resturant (after 20 minutes of searching for an open resturant) where I ate macaroni and cheese and my mom ate shrimp :P (I hate seafood). After eating, we returned to camp.

Yesterday we went to the beach and played in the waves (it was high tide) but eventually we had to leave because the waves got too big. After resting at the campground, I wanted to go to the beach but my mom said we couldn't because she thought the lifeguard would have left (it was almost 5) when I insisted that we check to make sure, se said "no beach in the world would have a lifeguard after 5 o'clock", I finally convinced her to ask a ranger, and when she did we found out it was open til six (of a sample size of one 100% of all beaches have lifeguards after 5(not quite none))! On the way to the beach, we saw two tortoises fighting (they were quite slow and awkward fighters, seen on top right image). After swimming we went to town where we saw the same man at the parking lot, circling on his bike waiting to inform someone that they didn't need to pay (and hoping they'll pay him). We found another restaurant (which was closed yesterday), and I ate spaghetti, we then went back to camp.

Today we went to the beach again, then left our campsite to drive to Titusville, Fl

We are almost there now.
Top left: a bridge we saw on our way to st Augustine; top right: two tortoises fighting (slowly and awkwardly); bottom left: our campground; bottom right: the lighthouse near saint augustine.

07/25/2012 8:27pm

Hey Happy Travelers!

You guys really get around! I will be looking up Titusville in just a few minutes just so I can figure out the direction you are going! Will you be heading westward anytime soon? August 16th is the day that HRCCS kids go to school to get their independent study. Will you be back by then?

Is the St. Augustine lighthouse currently in use?

Glad you got to have that evening swim!

Anderson is still having ear problems from the infection.

Looking forward to your next installment!

07/25/2012 8:31pm

Ah, Space I know why you're going to Titusville!!

Have fun!

07/27/2012 7:23pm

The Walsh's are waiting for an update...where are you?? ;)

Patrick Leiser
07/28/2012 6:00pm

Still in titusville, update coming

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