A few days ago (we lost track of the dates(and weebly disagrees with us(on the date of the last post))) we left Chippokes plantation (our old campground in first picture below) and drove to the outer banks (N.C.), where we swam in the ocean, followed by camping. The next morning,I woke up with a fever, so we rented a (small, one room) camping cabin, and didin't do much that day, besides going to the wright brothers museum(picture 2). Today, we found a campsite by the ocean, and swam in the ocean, by the cape hatteras lighthouse (picture 3).

07/19/2012 8:20am

Hello Again!

Bummer, sorry to hear that you were unwell. Was it "trailer fever" or "cabin fever"? I hope it didn't last long and that you are back to 100% of health!

Did you enjoy the ocean swimming? See any sea creatures? Do you prefer ocean swimming over pond or pool?

The Wright Brother's museum looks very interesting, would love to go one day! Were you able to go up into the lighthouse? Did you find out anything about the type of light that it uses? (Is it still in use today???) Sorry! Too many questions!

On to the next post!

Take Care,

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