First post... where to start, I am Patrick Leiser, a 13 year old boy who loves technology, I am pretty good at it too. I currently am working on making a simple laptop with non-computer parts (PICAXE 28X2 CPU), and am currently almost done with it's case:
the case of my PICAXE computer
         A few days ago, I decided to try installing the opearating system Linux Mint, however we (my mom and I) decided it would be too risky to try on our new (2011) or old (2007) Mac mini and my mom didin't want it on our new (but horrible) windows 7 laptop (gateway), Linux deffinetely wouldn't run on our old (2003) windows XP (compaq, It barely runs Windows XP, it's default operating system). By then I really wanted to install Linux on some computer, but had no reasnable canidates (If you want to send me a computer, please do ;) )in the end I got virtualbox, and ran it from that. which was good, but didin't have the feel of a full operating system because of virtualbox, so I still wanted to truly install an operating system. later, out of curiosity I googled top ten operating systems and came across this page, I read down the list but stoped on #5, KolibriOS "the fastest GUI OS in existence" according to the article. I decided to try installing it on the old windows XP (It takes it 5+ minutes to start up to windows) I looked up how to dual boot it (I don't want to loose windows XP) and found this wiki page. I followed it's directions, downloading the CD verison (only 1.4 megabytes total) and putting it on a USB Flash drive (the CD drive didin't seem to work) pit in in C:, and modified BOOT.INI to include it. however, when I turned it on and selected KolibriOS, it said "FATAL Kolibri.img not found"  I then tried several things such as changing the launcher file to .dat file type (as the windows equavelant was) converting the .iso to .img (with magicISO) and a few other things, all to no avail (still "FATAL kolibri.img not found"). finally I realised that kolibri.img came with the floppy disk version and not the cd version, I promptly downloaded that and tried again. When that did not work I moved kolibri.img to C: instead of in a folder. when I restarted it worked!

`      KolibriOS was as fast as it claimed, starting up in seconds rather than minutes I tried it out and it instantly ran games and demos, no delay( it was faster than any of our computers despite having only 128 MB of RAM)! I found it was a relatively user friendly operating system with 2 exceptions, when saving a text file you had to name it, and the only way to get it back was with enter that name (I created a file called index for keeping track of their names), and when shutting down you had to manually click save rather than it saving automatically. It has a web browser, however it is plain text only, and only works with a few ethernet or wifi drivers (mine not included). Other than that it was a great operating system, I would reccomend it for old, slow computers (if you want a relatively modern operating system running very fast) and people who like arcade games (it comes with many), however I would not reccomend it as the only operating system on your computer, dual boot, like me.